Friday, July 8, 2011

The Pep of July! (part1)

       Last  June 30, Thursday, my Sir ask me to cook spaghetti for his 5 co-worker  since he had requested to be off on his birthday. I prepared banana bread with choco chips, walnuts, and cranberry raisins, spaghetti with meatballs, green salad on honey mustard dressing with beets, orange wedges and cherry tomatoes.
       By Sunday, my kuya and his family came to spend time with us and celebrate my Sir's birthday.
We went to Dana Point Beach.....

 My Sir and Kuya Noel

Marj, Nicole, Jya , my Sir ,(wala kit-i si kuya na tabunan ni Pep)

 My Sir, Kuya Noel, and Jya
My Sir, Jya, Me, Kuya Noel, Nicole, Mama Cising
My Sir, Me, Mama Cising, Nicole, Kuya Noel

      Few years back my sister, Lilet ask when is my Sir'birthday. I told her that it is July 5,1971. She called Pep, my Sir who was sitting in the opposite corner of the room and comment ; " Mao di-ay nga Pep and pangalan nimo kay natawo ka sa PEP OF JULY!"(That is why your name is Pep because you were born on Pep of July), while giggling. We all laughed yet it was a funny ahah moment. Today close family could never forget Pep's birthday because of that famous phrase that has been share to them years back.
      We were not able to spend our picnic in the beach because it was so full. We end up going to a park close to the place we live.
busy  everyone is getting hungry
the guys are responsible in grilling ...

 sinugbang kitong (grilled tiger fish)
 sinugbang pusit ( grilled squid)
 sawsawan (dipping sauce)
 inanag (grilled corn)
sinugbang baboy (grilled pork -butt)
     In my family, I do the grocery shopping. This time kuya and Pep went in the store to by the meat to be grilled . Pep ask for pork butt but when he saw it about to be weighed, he complained it does not look like it. He event argued with the meat guy. He tried to explain to the meat guy what he think is pork butt part of by touching his tummy but frustratedly decided to by the meat anyway even if it is not what he wwanted. As he and kuya came to the car, Pep ask me what is pork butt and tried to affirm he is right. I said " Pork butt is sampot, and I think pork liempo  ang imong gustong ipasabot"( Pork butt is the meat on pigs behind and i think you want pork belly). Pep laughed and we joined him laughing. And then relate how he argued with the meat guy that pork butt does not look like that and that the meat guy does not know what he was doing. Hahahahaah! That is what will happen when husband don't  do grocery shopping. Makiglalis pa!
 thank you kuya, marj and Nicole for coming! We Love you!

        My Sir Pep's birthday celebration continues.......

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