Friday, July 8, 2011

Pep of July! (part 2)

...............As Kuya Noel , Marj and Nicole left for home, we drove to Pala Casino for night. We have invited Mama Cising's best friend, Nanay Rasing. We will meet Moises (best friend) and Elsa ( wife) with Elsa's sister, Nitts and husband, Segundo/ Jun.

Our window view, we can see our van
 Jya trying to teach Mama Cising how to use the cellphone again with Nanay Rasing 
 the best friends

AT DINNER, The Choices Buffet 
Food choices were superb and desserts are to die for.

 Segundo aka. Jun
birthday boy
vanilla and chocolate creme brulee , tiramisu, fruits topped with cottage cheese. Desserts are count less  but no more room for them all.

a slice of leg of lamb, beef sirloin, baby back rib, small slice of roast beef sushi, fried rice and egg roll  and lots of crab legs  are the ones I remember I had during dinner. So much choices to choose from . So sad I can't have it all.
         At dinner time Jya said that when she'll have kids and grand kids she will all bring them to dine at The Choices Buffet, the best buffet! 

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