Monday, October 24, 2011

LUBI-LUBI : the cure.......

One Saturday , we went to the flee market in Ceres, Ca. By the entrance , there was a man selling coconut. I told myself , "Gimingaw na ko ug butong nilamaw"( I miss young coconut juice with coconut meat). In the Philippine we grow up having butong nilamaw  as fun pastime during summer or weekend with family and friends. We pass the vendor and look around.  We bought two blanket. One for Jya and a gift for a little girl's bithday on the 29th of October.

On our way back to where we parked, we have to pass by the coconut vendor again. I know those are not young coconut  but just have to buy some as "Tambal sa ka hidlaw"(cure for the cravings) I bought 6 coconut. And true they were not young enough. The meat close to the eye are tender than the other half of the  fruit. I could not find my utensil for scraping the meant . So I had to slice the coconut meat so thinly. It was good ! Every body at dinner time who had some said "Lami lagi, Magsigi man ta ug ka-on bisan ug busog na".(It is so good that I cant stop eating eveen when I'm already full")


For the even tougher coconut meat, I also slice them so thinly and cook them into bukhayo. I hate to throw the rest away because it was not so cheap. It was 2 for $5. I use the 5 and left one for my brother , Noel who was sick that week. It took a long time to cook then hoping it would be tender. It was just a bit tender after more than 6 hrs of slow cooking. Mama Cesla and I  enjoyed it so much.

It was so good to last bite. 

The Surgery!

My Daughter look so worried this morning.
I ask her; "Nak mano man!" (Nak , what's going on!")

With a sad face.... " Ma naay samad si Domo". (" Domo had a wound".)

 She said; Mo school nako, unya kung musamot ang samad kung naa ko sa school". Ma, i-fix or si Lola ang mu-fix, please". (" I'm going to school  and what  if the wound grow bigger when I'm in school.  Ma, you fix it or Lola  fix it, please".)

I said ; " Okey! kung naa ko'y time, kung di si  Lola ang mu- fix.".( "I'll do it if I got time , or else I let Lola fix it.".)

Since I'm off from work today, I'm picking her up from school.

As  My daughter sat in the car; " Is Domo okey now?Humana ang surgery ni Domo?"(" Domo's surgery is done?")

I said;  "O humana, si Lola ang ning opera" ("Oh, Yup ! Lola did  the surgery".)


Trip to Winery!

           Last weekend, 22nd of October 2011, we went to the Delicato winery. Our friends in Anaheim liked the wine that my Sir brought for them for their kindness in helping us pack when we move out from our old apartment. Our friend like it so much that our friend ask my Sir to buy them some. So, we went. We drove about 35min  from where we are staying.

This is what you see as you walk-in on the wall of the bar( not the wine tasting bar).

If you like to make wine, here are supplies!!!!

Corks in all sizes and shapes

Some cute stuff........all around the place!
Lola checking out the purses!

Hmmmm, my daughter is checking out something cute I suppose!

My daughter and I had fun reading these cards.

Lotion in green and purple bottle. I like the smell in purple bottle. The green is smell like candy.
 It is called GRAPES Lotion.

These are cute and funny passages too.

I thought this antique refrigerator is cute. Those wine carry-on cases are so cute too.

TOP DRAWER: Purses with shoes inside
BOTTOM DRAWER: Ornamental slippers 

I knew it... She's checking-out something cute!

Pill case with light that turns on when opened.

On the way to what the sign says.....

I found this antique equipment inside the restroom.

         Let's start tasting.........What's good in this winery, tasting is free. Just don't over do it, two things will happen to you. Either you get drunk..............  or get drunk for free.
 My Sir now start tasting.

 I taste this one my Sir is tasting.....I like it, because it's sweet. I like anything sweet.

This is the one !

All three are sweet wine.

This one is sweet red wine!

This one is sweet without alcohol.

I thought this is ...." SO SEXY FOR MY WINE........SO SEXY!!!!"
 Despite of these being so alluring, I did not buy them.

Comes in two colors in animal print.

..........told you it's sexy!

I found this. I don't think unmarried people like to buy this.

Shiraz is what our friend want us to buy for them in 2 cases.

Those in the paper bag are the one my Sir and I bought.
 And those two boxes of wine are for our friend. 
Of course, they gave us money to pay for them.

Bye! See you on our next trip!!!!