Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Jamming bring a life of a party. That's so true in my family. My brother, Noel plays the piano, guitar and drums; sis Charmaine, plays the pian;, niece Nicole plays wind instrument and little of piano and guitar;niece Yna, plays piano, violin,and ukelele; bro Jay play the drums ;and of course vocals has a special part of it all, sis Lilian, sis Marj and I like to sing.

That is also very true to my husband family.......it is not a party if  their is no jammin' !!!!
 My SIR in yellow shirt with cousins and friends


  1. starring ko! hehehehe or else.

    no audio or video?

    Thinking Out Loud

  2. wow! cant beleive we missed this one :(

  3. There is always next time! Well have fun again and again soon!