Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Sunday :  After late breakfast, we get ready for church 11:30 am at St. Anthony Catholic Church. We went home after and decided to have pizza for lunch at Round Table and we had Maui Zaui Pizza. Then My Sir's cousin, Viven called to go to have fun at St. Jude Catholic Church  fundraising Fair event. So we did. 

We went straight to the bigger kids ride.......This is the first ride  we went to. It was $20 for 20 tickets or $25 for unlimited ride for one person. My Sir bought 20 tickets at first. My daughter and best friend took this ride for 4 tickets each.

      Then we went to the adjacent ride, Viper for 4 tickets each as well. My daughter, best friend, and I took the ride. Best friend was so dizzy on that ride that he refused to go to any ride even baby rides to accompany Ondoy Mickie. 

       My Sir bought more tickets but only my daughter wanted to go. My Sir and daughter went to other rides to use up the tickets even to younger kids rides.

         Had fun on this game for a dollar per play........unfortunately nobody won in this game. 

           It was hot that day, that after this game we went to Viven's house to have some Magnolia Ube ice cream.
           By 8:30pm , My Sir and best friend drove back to Anaheim.
           To My Sir, see you again Friday night!

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