Monday, October 24, 2011

The Surgery!

My Daughter look so worried this morning.
I ask her; "Nak mano man!" (Nak , what's going on!")

With a sad face.... " Ma naay samad si Domo". (" Domo had a wound".)

 She said; Mo school nako, unya kung musamot ang samad kung naa ko sa school". Ma, i-fix or si Lola ang mu-fix, please". (" I'm going to school  and what  if the wound grow bigger when I'm in school.  Ma, you fix it or Lola  fix it, please".)

I said ; " Okey! kung naa ko'y time, kung di si  Lola ang mu- fix.".( "I'll do it if I got time , or else I let Lola fix it.".)

Since I'm off from work today, I'm picking her up from school.

As  My daughter sat in the car; " Is Domo okey now?Humana ang surgery ni Domo?"(" Domo's surgery is done?")

I said;  "O humana, si Lola ang ning opera" ("Oh, Yup ! Lola did  the surgery".)



  1. Budoy wanted something like this for Christmas. *wink *wink

    Thinking Out Loud

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