Friday, November 18, 2011

1st School Camp

My daughter transfered to a new school. The School District have an outdoor school at Foothill Horizon Outschool in Sonora, California. This was my daughter's first trip away from home without my Sir and I. As a mother, I was so worried especially that the camp do not allow cellphones. Besides, there is no signal at the camp. The whole experience taught the kids to write letters, be independent, and be able to start to stand on there own feet. It was for four days and three nights, from Tuesday morning 'til Friday afternoon on November 1 to 4. 

I was so worried. She might have a hard and bad time.

the Dorm 

soccer and tennis court after a rain

 the tree stumps they sat on during outdoor classes

They assemble here at night with a camp fire.

One of the hikes they had

Huge tree in the camp

 more trees

 and even more trees

 the tree with heart shape holes

Look closer ...hearts on the tree!

Huge basin size mushroom, the largest by far she had ever seen.

the deer they saw during hikes

 Deer foot print

She found a fat squirrel.

my daughter and the counselor

Grinding acorns

Making fire


my daughter and the naturalist

 friends and classmates

my daughter's friend holding a smooth-bark tree.

... and my daughter did the same. 

Do you think she had any sad moments?

She told me she had a good time  the whole time during the experience. She told me with a big smile.

Exotic Taste

At around 4:00 PM, my daughter said ; "Gutom ko, ka-un ko ani!" (" I'm hungry, I want this!"),while holding a can of anchovies. I nod my head agreeing her. It reminds me of when I was growing up with my siblings that when there is nothing to eat, ginamos is always there specially if sauteed with a lot of tomatoes and few cubes of pork. 
Abre gana (appetizer): chicken empanada

Main Course: Rice and ginamos (anchovies)

Beverage: wine for kids (sparkling cider)

What do you think about that!!!!!!

November Gloom!

Drizzling! Cloudy! Cold!

This is one of those days perfect for a cup of hot cocoa and puto maya with  sliced mango!

   A few photos of my short travel to my daughter's school today!

This is what you see here. Sometimes, I still miss Anaheim. The traffic, the friends and family I've been with for almost 15 years, the city itself, and even the pollution. For now, I am appreciating the beauty of this small town called Hughson in Modesto, California. and of course, that includes the almond and walnut plantations I see even from my bedroom window. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Talking to Roses

         Back home, we believe that there are people not like us who exist but not seen, like elves, dwarfs, fairies, etc. We believe that we co-exist in taking care of nature.

         My mother-in-law,   love flowers. She enjoy taking care of  the plants in the yard at the house we live now.

        When we were having lunch, she told me what she was doing earlier.

Celsa B: " Esturyahon jud ang mga tanum." ( We should talk to the plant.)
Me:   " Manuman?" ( Why?)
Celsa B:  "Aron mamuwak ug daghan. Unya kung kanang mamunga, mamunga ug daghan    pod."
             (So that it will  have lots of flowers. And plants that bear fruits, will have lots of fruits.)
Me: " Tinu-od ba gud na?" (Is it true?)

I heard this before from the old folks in my family too, but I was just playing around.

Me:  "Gi-bisaya-an nimo ang mga tanum?!" ( Did you speak Visaya to the plants?!)
Celsa B: " O, gud, mano man di-ay?" (Yes, why?)
Me:   "Halaka, dapat Eninglis unta, kay dili na sila makasabot  ug Bisaya kay America na man ni."    (ggiggle)
         ( Oh, my gosh!, you suppose to speak English. This is America, they don't understand Visaya.)

We laughed hard............
Days later, we were visiting some relatives . Ceda B was telling about the roses at our garden and I overheard
her say........

Celsa B:  "GO AWAY, GO AWAY!!!!!"
Me:  " Unsay ; GO AWAY!" (What do you mean by  GO AWAY!)
Celsa B:   " Sa Bisaya, TABI, TABI" (Excuse me!May I go through!).
               "Kahinudom ko sa imong gi-ingon nga English ang masabtan nila dinhi.( laugh)."
                (I remember you said they understand English only.)
Me:  "Unya murag nasuko diay pagsulti  sa GO AWAY?"
         ( When you say GO AWAY should you sound like your mad?)
Celsa B:  "Murag nasuko jud aron muto-o." (Sound like your mad so that they will believe you.)

More laughs!!!!!!
In the Philippines, we say TABI (meaning: excuse me or give way, we are passing through) to the people not like us so as not to step on them  and hurt them. We believe that if we hurt them, they will hurt us back in a way that is not healed by any medicine.

 We did not put rose food to these roses. Look at these roses......What do you think? ......talking in English to roses works !