Friday, November 18, 2011

1st School Camp

My daughter transfered to a new school. The School District have an outdoor school at Foothill Horizon Outschool in Sonora, California. This was my daughter's first trip away from home without my Sir and I. As a mother, I was so worried especially that the camp do not allow cellphones. Besides, there is no signal at the camp. The whole experience taught the kids to write letters, be independent, and be able to start to stand on there own feet. It was for four days and three nights, from Tuesday morning 'til Friday afternoon on November 1 to 4. 

I was so worried. She might have a hard and bad time.

the Dorm 

soccer and tennis court after a rain

 the tree stumps they sat on during outdoor classes

They assemble here at night with a camp fire.

One of the hikes they had

Huge tree in the camp

 more trees

 and even more trees

 the tree with heart shape holes

Look closer ...hearts on the tree!

Huge basin size mushroom, the largest by far she had ever seen.

the deer they saw during hikes

 Deer foot print

She found a fat squirrel.

my daughter and the counselor

Grinding acorns

Making fire


my daughter and the naturalist

 friends and classmates

my daughter's friend holding a smooth-bark tree.

... and my daughter did the same. 

Do you think she had any sad moments?

She told me she had a good time  the whole time during the experience. She told me with a big smile.


  1. Beautiful school camp, just like from the movie Parent Trap.

  2. really nice, you know how i love nature and camping!