Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Today I read my sister-in-law's blog on cupping. I had an experience on this to relieve muscle pain in the old fashion way. I learn to do it that way. Now I have a patient at home on cupping.....

Use a light weight glass.  Have a cotton ball damped with alcohol clipped by a small tong. Light the cotton ball  and quickly warm the air inside the glass and remove the fired cotton ball  then place the glass up side down to a back shoulder area where it usually have muscle pain. You will see the skin rises. let it stay for about 5 minutes.

One piece of advice, please be careful with fire!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome to my new home!

  I am a blogger virgin , so please bare with me.

I went to Goodwill along Euclid today. Thrifting gives me a different high.

Other people's trash can be somebody else's treasure.
I am that "somebody else".

Here's my treasure.

A Balin signed framed oil painting.

At the back frame

It is signed with 1651 number on the wooden frame

 It is about 24"x 28".

Three days ago, I went to Savers, another thrift store near my place. 

Here's my loot aka treasure.

It is also signed.
       At the back of the frame states: SUBJECT 1529-4-24
                                                FRAME # 2219

It is about 30"x40"  in size. This one, however, has a better frame.

I have more treasure to brag about. Until next post.