Monday, December 5, 2011


Got home from work sooooo hungry at 1:35AM. It was a very busy shift, Then found this on the counter............

Crispy Pata!!!

Warmed-up some left over rice and a slice of the Crispy Pata,,,,,,, problem solved.

          Actually someone in the family had his birthday on November 30. With his wife, they went for few days off to Napa Valley to celebrate and unwind from hard work. When they came back  late Friday night, on the day of his birthday, he decided to drop off this at the house we live at the moment. It  just perfect to any starving man.... and it was there at the perfect time. Thank God they had keys to the house. At 10:30 PM,  my daughter and mother-in-law were already sleeping. By the  way, same couple who brought us this owns the house.
          After I drop off my daughter to school every morning, I go back to bed and sleep for few more hours. When I woke up at noon, my mother-in-law ask me;

 Mother-in-law :  "Unsang ohasa di-ay ka ka-uli gabii?" ( What time did you go home last night?)
 Meeh : " Mga ala una media."(At around 1:30.)
 Mothrer-in-law : "Dis-a di-ay ka gabii, Mee."( Where did you go last ningt?)

I gave her a puzzled look. She turned her head towards where the Crispy Pata was. I laughed so hard then............told her the story.

 Meeh :  " Aw abi ko dihay gilakaw nimo gabii, unya kaagi ka ug Max's restaurant."
              (Oh, I thought you   went somewhere last night and happen to pass by a Max's Restaurant.)
                with disbelief.

          Are you thinking what my mother-in-law 's thinking........whatever she's thinking?

         Last Saturday morning, the birthday celebrant drop by the house to pick up some of their mail that are still addressed here. I told him the story and he laughed. And we all laughed except her. I could see my mother-in-law's face......that she was wrong.