Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hey sister...go sister..go.... sister.....go sister!

     baby Lilet
When Lilet was 3 years old, one Saturday in summer , we were going to the woods to hike/picnic and get some firewood for cooking. That was in the mid 70's when houses have not spread out into multitude like ants in an ant hill. As we were getting things ready she was walking back and forth for a while and then said , " kinsay magbantay sa bata" (Who's gonna watch the kid). "Kinsang bata-a gud"(Who is the baby you're talking about)?, the Mamang replied. " Ako gud"( me of course), little girl said firmly.  Mother answered, "Uban gud ka namo"(You are coming with us). " Aw lagi ba, abiko'g ibilin ko"( That's good, I thought you'll leave me here), she replied with hands on her waist.
Kuya, Lilet and I
Mamang and Lilet
      I remember when she (Lilet) was around 5 years old........My father was 2 weeks home ,of a 2 to 3 months vacation from work in a tunker /cargo ship as a chief mate. One late afternoon, 2 men on bicycle wearing black pants, white shirt and a tie came and ask if they can come to talk to both father and mother about religion other than what believe in. My Mamng (mother) said to Papang (father) that other than she's busy, she is tired when she comes home and don't have the energy to entertain anybody other than family. So my Papang said,"Unsa-on ma ni mu-anhi sila ugma  gabii?"(What am I gonna do they said they're coming tommorow night?). One little girl stand to solve the problem. Young little Lilet stand up and said "Akong bahala"(Leave this to me). The 2 guys came as they said they would come. Lilet saw them from a far coming towards where Papang and Lilet were standing by a  ca-imito tree (star apple tree). Tago  Papang kay akong bahala! (Hide I'll take care of this), Lilet said. As the 2 guys came closer they saw my sister by herself.  they ask her, " Naa imong Papa ug Mama?" ( Your father and mother home?). With an attitude and hands on her waist , she look up to them and said, " Wa diha sila!"(they're not here)  and pivot her little feet and turn aroud and walk away as brisk and as fast as her little legs can take without turning back.
Lilet and Tata
        In my family we call her Lilet. I am 4 years older than her but she has a strong personality than me.  We have a brother, me followed by her and another sister 6 years after she was born. She is so much fun to be with. We love her soooooo dearly.
Lilet and I
        She now live in Maryland  with her husband ,a daughter and a son........Happy Birthday today Lilet (June 22,2011)! We love you!!!!!
Lilet  now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To the FATHER's in my life ,"WE LOVE YOU!!!"

This is your day!!!
 - to Lolo Imoy (grandpa) and Lolo Vidal
 Lolo Imoy
-to my Papang (DAD),you are so much missed!
Papang and I
- to my Uncles: Manoy Toni, Tatay Gario, Papang Kiking, Yoyo Temic, Yoyo Terio

- to Kuya Noel (brother)
Kuya  Noel, Nicole, and Jya

- to my Brod Jay (brother-in-law)
Brod Jay , Jason and Yna

- to my  Pep: my partner in crime, my friend, my boyfriend, my lover and my husband............ " I Love You!"
You are my partner in norturing this greatest gift of love , our Jya.
2 weeks old

7 months old

1 year old

3 years old

9 years old

10 years old

-to all Grand uncles, cousins and friends who are fathers who are shaping the growth of thier children for a better world and future

I thank you!
To these fathers....Happy Father's Day!!!
You all deserve a special day for a job well done!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Salsa or Pizza

Today (June 14,2011), I pick-up my daughter from school at 4pm. That is an hour after school dismissed. One hour of Ecology Club meeting every Tuesday. Today is their last meeting before summer vacation. She was carrying a small white pot with two tiny plants in it.

 She told me, "Mama, we can make salsa or mini pizza in the future!" I tired to hide my thought on the " How can that happen", to her. I cannot destroy the happy excited look on her face.I gave her a very happy face.

She too brought a pizza box. Maybe they had a pizza party at school a they had some left overs that the teacher don't want. Hahahahaa, I was so ashamed to even just thinking of it. I ask her," Why do you have a pizza box?". "It is a homemade Solar Machine that I made in school at Ecology Club", she said. Continued saying," when my tomato plant grow and bear fruit and also my cilantro is bigger we can make salsa and even pizza on sliced bread cooked with the power of the sun using mu Solar Machine"." Wow, sounds so good. I can't wait!", I replied."We made smores  today with it. The Solar machine melted my marshmallows. Isn't it cool!, Mama!", she said. "My gosh that is amazing!", I replied.

 I was just so happy looking at her face as she sincerely and happily explained everything about the FUTURE SALSA and mini PIZZA.

She help plant a tree at school, an Ecology Club project.

My Niece Birthday!

Last Saturday, June 11, 2011, my family was invited to Bakersfield for my Niece (Nicole) birthday. We brought along my daughters best friend (Andre') to go with us.

If you see these  in  freeway 99  you are getting closer to Bakersfield. 

 My boyfriend aka lover aka husband aka driver.

meanwhile my daughter and her best friend are watching a movie.

Watch your speed. Police are waiting for you to make a wrong move!.

Our freeway exit

 As the table is ready, Oooops not yet. The mother of the celebrant has to take photos of the food prepared.....Now  let's eat.

 I cook the Adobo (bisaya) :order of my brother, father of the celebrant.
And bought the Peach Mango Pie from Jollibee, order of the celebrant.

 My daughter and her BFF  went swimming as soon as we got there.

We were having fun playing the game of Sequence all night.

The next day we had breakfast and talking about so many things branching to so many things we could not trace what topic was the first we talked about. Never leave the table .....Lunch came.....Dinner came.
We had 8 hours of laughter and giggles even how many times did we felt our mouth went dry. A sip of water, soda, milo(chocolate powder mixed with hot water) and or  ices tea....then continue laughing. We left  my brother and sister-in law's residence at around 6:45 pm, Sunday.
It was so much fun!!! We had a great time.

Friday, June 3, 2011

That's Familiar!

          I was 4 years old in Loreto, Cortes, Bohol in the Philippines. My family lived at my grandparents house on my mother's side ,Lola Petra and Lolo Imoy. My grandparents on my father's side, Lola Daday and Lolo Vidal, was just about 1/2 kilometer away from us. They had the biggest store (Sari-sari store) in our barrio at that time located at the ground floor of the house. As Filipino we call our grandma, LOLA and our grandpa, LOLO. My brother, Kuya Noel (kuya for older brother) would just walk behind bushes about 2 meters along side the road towards our father's parents' house to buy something and stay for awhile to visit. In their china cabinet, I remember seeing a set of glass pitcher and glasses in shiny orange color. At a young age, I wish to be able to drink soda using those glass. Kids then, in my family,  are not given drinks in a any breakable glass to avoid injury.

         Forward to the present.
 One day I went window shopping at thrift store and saw these.

Carnival glass pitcher and tumblers, Amber color and Irish and Herringbone design
some thrifstore find
    dream came true!!!

            Later on I found this...
Amber  Iridescent glass pitcher on an amber plate

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Castle on top of a hill

Last spring break (April 6,2011) , my family and I came to visit.......

Hearst Castle, a castle on the top of a hill over looking the shore line of California and the Pacific Ocean.

We parked at the bottom of the hill. 

 We paid our fee which include a 3D movie about the history of the castle

This is the man who build the castle.

We rode a bus and parked on the bottom of this stairs.

This is the first we saw as we go up this stairs........
The guest house

On the left side  we saw....
the Neptune Pool

Over looking the Neptune pool.

Guest Rooms

 VIP room

Another VIP room

Steps toward the main house
Garden between main house and guest house overlooking the ocean.

main house (Spanish church inspired)

Front door

Koi pond at the front of the main door.
side of the main house
 part of the main house (different inspired architecture)

Living room of the main house
Right side
fire place you see as you walk in

In front of the fire place

Dining Room
Ceiling (inspired by the castle in England ornate with flags from many nations)

From an old church decorate the walls on both side across each other
the dining table

part of the tea room
 game room
Theater where speakers are hidden in the sculptures on the wall

We walked outside and came to an indoor swimming pool
A very deep pool with a diving board
outside this place is the private outdoor tennis court/ basketball court 

 I  was amazed on what I learned on this trip. Not only Mr. Hearst a collector of antiques but also love grand architecture. He also love the attention of famous people. But with all the wealth he inherit from his father(found lots of silver) and from his news paper business, he was not blessed with children. In my opinion, I feel sad for him.