Friday, June 3, 2011

That's Familiar!

          I was 4 years old in Loreto, Cortes, Bohol in the Philippines. My family lived at my grandparents house on my mother's side ,Lola Petra and Lolo Imoy. My grandparents on my father's side, Lola Daday and Lolo Vidal, was just about 1/2 kilometer away from us. They had the biggest store (Sari-sari store) in our barrio at that time located at the ground floor of the house. As Filipino we call our grandma, LOLA and our grandpa, LOLO. My brother, Kuya Noel (kuya for older brother) would just walk behind bushes about 2 meters along side the road towards our father's parents' house to buy something and stay for awhile to visit. In their china cabinet, I remember seeing a set of glass pitcher and glasses in shiny orange color. At a young age, I wish to be able to drink soda using those glass. Kids then, in my family,  are not given drinks in a any breakable glass to avoid injury.

         Forward to the present.
 One day I went window shopping at thrift store and saw these.

Carnival glass pitcher and tumblers, Amber color and Irish and Herringbone design
some thrifstore find
    dream came true!!!

            Later on I found this...
Amber  Iridescent glass pitcher on an amber plate


  1. me too! can i have a glass of soda?

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  3. Sure Marj but leave the glass with me.hehehhehe
    Lili, thanks!