Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hey sister...go sister..go.... sister.....go sister!

     baby Lilet
When Lilet was 3 years old, one Saturday in summer , we were going to the woods to hike/picnic and get some firewood for cooking. That was in the mid 70's when houses have not spread out into multitude like ants in an ant hill. As we were getting things ready she was walking back and forth for a while and then said , " kinsay magbantay sa bata" (Who's gonna watch the kid). "Kinsang bata-a gud"(Who is the baby you're talking about)?, the Mamang replied. " Ako gud"( me of course), little girl said firmly.  Mother answered, "Uban gud ka namo"(You are coming with us). " Aw lagi ba, abiko'g ibilin ko"( That's good, I thought you'll leave me here), she replied with hands on her waist.
Kuya, Lilet and I
Mamang and Lilet
      I remember when she (Lilet) was around 5 years old........My father was 2 weeks home ,of a 2 to 3 months vacation from work in a tunker /cargo ship as a chief mate. One late afternoon, 2 men on bicycle wearing black pants, white shirt and a tie came and ask if they can come to talk to both father and mother about religion other than what believe in. My Mamng (mother) said to Papang (father) that other than she's busy, she is tired when she comes home and don't have the energy to entertain anybody other than family. So my Papang said,"Unsa-on ma ni mu-anhi sila ugma  gabii?"(What am I gonna do they said they're coming tommorow night?). One little girl stand to solve the problem. Young little Lilet stand up and said "Akong bahala"(Leave this to me). The 2 guys came as they said they would come. Lilet saw them from a far coming towards where Papang and Lilet were standing by a  ca-imito tree (star apple tree). Tago  Papang kay akong bahala! (Hide I'll take care of this), Lilet said. As the 2 guys came closer they saw my sister by herself.  they ask her, " Naa imong Papa ug Mama?" ( Your father and mother home?). With an attitude and hands on her waist , she look up to them and said, " Wa diha sila!"(they're not here)  and pivot her little feet and turn aroud and walk away as brisk and as fast as her little legs can take without turning back.
Lilet and Tata
        In my family we call her Lilet. I am 4 years older than her but she has a strong personality than me.  We have a brother, me followed by her and another sister 6 years after she was born. She is so much fun to be with. We love her soooooo dearly.
Lilet and I
        She now live in Maryland  with her husband ,a daughter and a son........Happy Birthday today Lilet (June 22,2011)! We love you!!!!!
Lilet  now.