Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Castle on top of a hill

Last spring break (April 6,2011) , my family and I came to visit.......

Hearst Castle, a castle on the top of a hill over looking the shore line of California and the Pacific Ocean.

We parked at the bottom of the hill. 

 We paid our fee which include a 3D movie about the history of the castle

This is the man who build the castle.

We rode a bus and parked on the bottom of this stairs.

This is the first we saw as we go up this stairs........
The guest house

On the left side  we saw....
the Neptune Pool

Over looking the Neptune pool.

Guest Rooms

 VIP room

Another VIP room

Steps toward the main house
Garden between main house and guest house overlooking the ocean.

main house (Spanish church inspired)

Front door

Koi pond at the front of the main door.
side of the main house
 part of the main house (different inspired architecture)

Living room of the main house
Right side
fire place you see as you walk in

In front of the fire place

Dining Room
Ceiling (inspired by the castle in England ornate with flags from many nations)

From an old church decorate the walls on both side across each other
the dining table

part of the tea room
 game room
Theater where speakers are hidden in the sculptures on the wall

We walked outside and came to an indoor swimming pool
A very deep pool with a diving board
outside this place is the private outdoor tennis court/ basketball court 

 I  was amazed on what I learned on this trip. Not only Mr. Hearst a collector of antiques but also love grand architecture. He also love the attention of famous people. But with all the wealth he inherit from his father(found lots of silver) and from his news paper business, he was not blessed with children. In my opinion, I feel sad for him.


  1. a palace indeed. nice family trip :)

  2. i like it but i don't wanna live in here if i am as rich as Mr. Hearst. Well, I can as long as we stay in one room... in the VIP room. :)

  3. nice pictures!!! :-)