Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Salsa or Pizza

Today (June 14,2011), I pick-up my daughter from school at 4pm. That is an hour after school dismissed. One hour of Ecology Club meeting every Tuesday. Today is their last meeting before summer vacation. She was carrying a small white pot with two tiny plants in it.

 She told me, "Mama, we can make salsa or mini pizza in the future!" I tired to hide my thought on the " How can that happen", to her. I cannot destroy the happy excited look on her face.I gave her a very happy face.

She too brought a pizza box. Maybe they had a pizza party at school a they had some left overs that the teacher don't want. Hahahahaa, I was so ashamed to even just thinking of it. I ask her," Why do you have a pizza box?". "It is a homemade Solar Machine that I made in school at Ecology Club", she said. Continued saying," when my tomato plant grow and bear fruit and also my cilantro is bigger we can make salsa and even pizza on sliced bread cooked with the power of the sun using mu Solar Machine"." Wow, sounds so good. I can't wait!", I replied."We made smores  today with it. The Solar machine melted my marshmallows. Isn't it cool!, Mama!", she said. "My gosh that is amazing!", I replied.

 I was just so happy looking at her face as she sincerely and happily explained everything about the FUTURE SALSA and mini PIZZA.

She help plant a tree at school, an Ecology Club project.


  1. i can't wait.....tell me when and we'll be there to savour your homemade pizza!!!! :)

  2. invite us over when you make you very first serving of salsa from the 2 tiny plants.

    Thinking Out Loud