Thursday, November 3, 2011


         Halloween weekend this year was not so great for me. I was sick. My daughter and my Sir went to a 1st birthday party of a girl named, Kristine. My Sir checked on me from time to time and really took good care of me. I was just resting from Saturday late afternoon when we arrived to Anaheim. We were there 'til Sunday night. All day of Sunday, my mother-in-law and my daughter visited friends at our former apartment complex we used to live, while my Sir pampered me with lots of TLC. Thank you Papa. Sorry! No picture because camera woman was sick. Hehehehe!

          By Monday morning, my husband's cousin C & M, who were generous to gave us a wonderful accommodation, offered to treat us for lunch at Ten Ten Seafood Restaurant in 669 Euclid Street in Anaheim. We arrived at the resto 10 minutes early. They opened at 11:00 AM. I didn't check what time they closes since all we wanted to know was when can we eat. So that waiting was not much of a bore,  we went to check out what's on sale at the Asian grocery store ...just some things we might want to get after lunch.

The main entrance.
This was where you have to wait for a table ...a place to sit while waiting. We did not wait at all because we were there as soon as they opened. Whilewe were seated, people started coming.

The lady in green checked the food cart behind her.

Shrimp Noodle

Chicken feet

Shrimp Balls

This is my daughter's favorite!

 We ordered our main dishes.
 Sauteed Split Pea Leaves

Fried Pork

 Shrimp Dish in Cream Sauce and pecan

Eggplant Dish

   We orderedCoke for our drink and hot tea for those who wanted something hot.

Other than the Lady in Green, these were the people who enjoyed the delicious food with us.

My daughter ordered, for dessert,  one serving of strawberry, banana and chocolate syrup. (Bottom left in the picture below.)

Look who eagerly wanted to have a bite.

Probably, she was wondering how am I be able to eat this.

 She's just 6 months old but she does act like older than she is.
Is she talking to daddy?

The food were so yummy! We all enjoyed it a lot especially when they are shared with family.