Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leon....nida! (2B)

At Disneyland.....

We watched this 3D movie ride.....
 The line was so long ouside this building and we were so happy when we were in the building thinking we were so close.......We were wrong. The line continued out the building again and in to the other building for another very long line for a few minute ride. The line took us 85minutes.
first building...

Second Building
 You'll see this while on line..

 Getting closer.
 some talking android while in the line.

 Buzzlightyears ride... the Blasters

 Jya and Yonyon's back

As you get out from the ride before the gift shop you'll see screens on the at your right side and instruction is given on how to email your score to you, just like this picture.
This is my score while taking picture and answering the cell phone when my Sir called in the middle of the ride.(GALUT,hehehehe!)

Then we hopped back to the Disney Adventure to see the World of Colors Show

We went for dinner  and each ordered 3Rocket Rib. 

Jya's legs tired from all the walking and standing. 

This is our spot to see the World of Colors Show!


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  2. unja lami ang ribs?

    ma diay dako imong score sa buzz lightyear blaster, wa man diay kontra.

    Thinking Out Loud

  3. i love your buzz lightyear photo!!!!!!!!! so cute!!!!!!!!!1