Sunday, July 3, 2011

Out the Door.......

I got out one morning to throw trash to the big bin down and out our apartment. And what I saw OUT THE DOOR were big petals of a yellow flower . It is blooming not like ever before. Went in and got my camera to take a picture of the flower's huge petals. Usually this could not bloom 'cause the gardener will trim its branches so as not bother the renters who live up the stairs(us).But this time it bloom before the branches are long enough to be in our way! Yey!!!

Looking down the stairs .........the Girl, Andre, Leslyn and neighbors grand daughter who uses another name when she introduce herself to anyone other than her family as Samantha just because she likes that name and hate her real name. We found out one day when her grandma came looking for someone and she overheard and she immediately say that's me! We all look at each other and she said, " I hate that name, I like Samantha!"
Jya, Samantha, Andre
Andre, Leslyn, Jya

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  1. love the photos specially the second one. i remember those flowers sa silong ninyo.

    Thinking Out Loud