Thursday, July 28, 2011


July 20,2011
We were invited for dinner.
My daughter was done changing before us.
While waiting, she watched TV.

When we got there at 6:30 PM, Jya started taking pictures.
Welcome to Choi and Esther's residence.

Choi cooked Gumbo.

 Salmon on Blueberry Sauce and Broccoli Salad 

More restaurant food: BBQ Ribs,Smoked Chicken breast, Asian Salad, and many more

A wide array of good food!

Surprise dessert in the box

Cayenne: " I'm ready!"

The sisters: "Take a picture of us ,Jya!"

Mommy Edith said; "Take a picture of us too,Jya!"
Lola Cising: "Please don't shoo my feet , I have no shoes on!"
Jya said; "Okey! ...Oops! Sorry Lola!"

"Hi, AJ!" She's Jya's new best friend among her best of friends.

The late comers were still eating! They just got out from work!

 Zeki didn't want his picture taken.

 Unfortunately, my photographer stopped taking picture during "EATING TIME". She didn't want to be bothered when she's eating. She must be very hungry that time.

Choi got up and raised his glass filled with wine and began thanking God for the most awaited blessing for the a long time. Esther nodded and said; "Yes we are positive, and 7weeks on the way!"
Like the sun flower on the table, the news brought sunshine even at night! 
Congrats Choi and Esther!

 I wish the baby will come on my birthday, February 29 ( para duha na mi !)

The people who came were:
Edith and Nerio
Che and Cayenne
Coy, Matoy and Audie
Dhong, Malen, and Kristine
Malou and AJ
Bryan, Emmy and Zeki
Dodong and Tess
Pep, Aimee and Jya

The people who were expected but missed:
The MOVAL family

                 Thanks to the photographer, Jya B.

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