Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hilmar Cheese Factory

            We went to Hilmar Cheese Company Factory that produces Monterey Jack,Colby, and mild cheddar cheeses utilizing Jersey milk.
           Auntie Trining spent time with us for a week before going back to Davao, Philippines. Our last minute laag in the morning of February 25, 2012.

Outdoor View

first floor
Gift shop educational windoaw and cheese to taste
 Ondoy Mickie when told to say cheese, he would say;" Cheese factory". Then we all follow!

second floor
Educational tour

Half of the second floor is a space can be rented for a party

Beside this is a window over looking the factory

Hilmar Cheese Company
at 9001 Lander Ave., Hilmar-Irwin, Ca 95324
at the corner of  Lander and August Ave.
hours open  from Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
                          Saturday to Sunday closed

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