Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eagle Cafe, Pier 39

        This is a never planned event. At around 4pm last Sunday, March 4,2012, Sir decided to go to San Francisco and meet out friends and relatives who also came to my party who are now site seeing in the big city. Sir made phone calls and ........we met at Pier 39 ,Fisherman's Wharf.

At the Pier 39

 Jya found this store and called me to see it and said. " It's a store for you".

Then our stomach start to look for food especially when you smell food. The only restaurant that serves rice dish is this place, Eagle Cafe.

Oyster Bisque Soup in a bowl for $12.50

Grilled shrimp with mash potatoes for $19.00
 Sir and mader shared a Grilled Salmon with rice pilaf for $24.00

they have the Salmon Angel Pasta for $24.00
And a glass of soda is $3.50

 Can you imagine if you serve this huge bottle of liqueur to people who always drink TUBA at a sari-sari store and already drunk in the morning? How big are the smiles you'll see? This is found by the window of Eagle Cafe.
That was my most expensive dinner!

After dinner we drove to Twin Peaks
Over looking San Fraancisco at night.

 It was very dark that I thought turning on the flash on my iphone camera is a good idea. Wrong!

 What a pronto trip. Now heading down the hill and drive back home!

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