Tuesday, March 6, 2012

11th Leap Year of my Life

    Eleven leap years ago, I was born in Loreto, Cortes, Bohol, Philippines.  All my siblings and I were used to chicken adobo and pancit for our birthday dinner at home with everyone in the household. No biggy.
     One day, out of the blue, ( I could not even remember what we were doing at the time) my Sir asked me something.

My sir: "Next year naay Pebrero 29 nuh?" (Next year ,there is Febrauray 29, right?).
 I asked, "Why?"
My Sir: "Birtdihan ka nako!" (I'll host a birthday party for you!)
I replied, "Ayaw lang gud  Pa." "You don't have to, Pa.
My Sir insisted: "Basta birtdihan ka nako kay tagsa ra ang imong birthday." (I want to give you a birthday party 'cause your birthday is not often.)
I said, "Ikaw bahala!" (It is up to you. )

      That was last year's conversation.
January 2012 came and my Sir started inviting people close to us; started planning and decided to have the celebration held to the closest Saturday after February 29. That was March 3.

       This was the day.
Wth Clares and Nang Avelina

Girlie and Rowena

Malen, Matoi, Che and Clares

With Che, Toi, Emma and Mr. and Mrs Paterno Bagnol

Girlie, Rowena, Mader and Elsa

Nits and Elsa

with Kuya Noel, Marj and Sir

 Nardz, Dindo, Rose and Viven

 Hermel, Sammy, Jojo, Bobby, Edwin, Moises and Sir

Ricky and Brenda 

     This was the only party I hadn't use a camera. Sir was also the camera man.

     Thank you Pa for the time, hard work and effort for this celebration to be a success.
Thank you Jya and Mama Celsa for helping to make things fast and easy and most of all, thank you God for  giving me everything good and right for me.
      Thank you to those who came especially to those who drove 2 to 8 hrs just to celebrate with me. You made my heart cry of happiness.

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