Friday, February 15, 2013

My Best Ever Valentines Present

I was working a 12-hour shift this year's Valentines' Day. I came home around 8 p.m., so tired, and already hungry. As I opened the garage door into the house, a wonderful aroma welcomed me. I couldn't believe my eyes as I came into the kitchen.
To my surprise --it was my dear husband in the kitchen --my sir!

 Of course my girl welcomed me with this too -- a Valentines Day card, her sweetest smile, and her red nails. big grin

Dinner was served minutes later.

My SIR CHEF was serving: 
Vegetable Soup (from Ralph's)

Main Course:
Baked Rosette Potatoes 
Boneless Rib-eye Steak 
Sauteed Mushroom, and Steamed Asparagus

We had red and white wine, and sparkling cider for our drinks. No picture for the bevs because the photographer was starving. Hehehehe! 
Ooops, we also had sliced oranges from Rosa Pettit's garden from Modesto.

I never knew my Sir can cook! Love you Papa, now also known as my "SIR CHEF"!

I got flowers too!

So how was your Valentines Day?

NOTE: In our family, we have special names for each other. Like my husband, my siblings and in-laws fondly calls him "Sir", and I lovingly call him "My Sir".


  1. Awesome job kuya Pep! You three are so sweet. <3

    1. Wow! If there's a "Sir Chef", who's your Ate Aimaya?

  2. Maayo gani kay cook si SIR! kay ug di pa, mapugus jud ug kaon sa Gerry's Grill! LOL

  3. My Sir said all resto are full that day that is why he and Jya search the Internet for recipi and decide to cook. Well , with all the effort is so flattering.