Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year 's Eve Dinner

This year was different. I need to sleep early and be alert at work New Year's Day. I cooked a simple dinner instead. While years back I had prepared a handful of deserts, set the table and wait for the clock to strike 12:00 AM as while watching the countdown in TV.

 mash potatoes ( Jya's order)
 Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo (Pep's order)
 Beef Roast

Since I cook, somebody has to do the dishes! Thank you Pa and Jya!

We had Cheese Cake from Ralph's and fruits for deserts. Quick to prepare for a busy  and sick Mama ! Hahahha!


  1. can you share some recipe? esp the chicken fettuccine alfredo, beef roast.... all of them. :)

  2. Recipes please?!
    It looks delicious!

  3. Ta I'll send you via pm . Talk to you later.

  4. Hi Regine Karpel I used the sauce for the fettuccini from the jar. The beef pot roast is cooked in a slow cooker beef consume, beef onion soup powder, sliced onion, celery, carrots, red wine. Season the beef with salt and pepper and flout all around the meat then brown the surfaces in a hot pan. Place the beef on the cooker with all other ingredients. From the dripping make the gravy.
    I really don't have an exact recipe cause I just estimate depends on how big the the beef. Hope it helps.