Friday, August 19, 2011

The Sun Trip

My family trip this summer is a road tip to Texas to visit my hubby's relatives. On our way to Texas, we were on the road and stop for gas, stretch, and visit restrooms at gas stations and as night comes, look for a place to spend a night.

picture were taken at a gas station in one of our stops

In the evening around 9pm California time, we spend a night in Deming, NM at Motel 6. the next day at 4am
California time (+1 hour in New Mexico) we set our alarm to get ready for another day of driving. We were on the road again by 5am. We witness a beautiful sunrise.

Picture were taken while on the road in the car.

Hope you enjoy the sunset and sunrise as we did!


  1. Amazing photos. That's the reward for people who wakes up early. They get to witness one of God's amazing blessing.

    Thinking Out Loud

  2. nice photos! love them. nature's best.

  3. i love road trips! love love love! and beautiful photos, Ate.